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About Us

MY IT BRAIN offers a broad portfolio of cost-effective non-proprietary solutions for small to large businesses. With our expertise and years of experience, we will guide you to choose the best technologies, keeping all solutions scalable and simple to maintain. At MY IT BRAIN, we dedicate time to understand your needs and how to protect them while complying with codes and local authorities.
We design, build and maintain systems for residential customers, condominiums, educational institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, hospitality industry, commercial complexes, retail spaces, and government entities. With an extensive portfolio of products and association with the leading industry providers, MY IT BRAIN offers the solutions you need to protect lives, business and property while keeping up with continuously evolving requirements.
MY IT BRAIN also provides free consultation to help you understand your system.
We do what we love, and we love what we do, keeping you and your system as our first priority. Your experience matters to us. We are focused on your needs while you enjoy the ride with MY IT BRAIN.