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Get started with Teams Phone in Microsoft Teams”

Realize progress toward nonprofit mission success by taking one single step

Consider Microsoft Teams as your all-in-one communications and collaboration solution. It’s a cloud-based technology that’s extremely robust and secure. The screens look and feel like Microsoft 365 applications you may already use. With Teams, you can connect with anybody, anywhere, on practically any device. In one environment, you can have spontaneous or scheduled conversations where you can see people, work together on files, and workshop ideas. This can be far more productive and faster than using email.

In Teams, you can host events and conferences for large groups of donors and community members around the globe. You’ll also be able to set up events to be highly interactive or more presentation-like, depending on what you want to accomplish.

You can replace your traditional phone system with Teams Calling. Doing so enables voice communications that fully integrate with the Teams environment. And by eliminating telephony hardware and support services, you’ll likely free up significant funds.

Ready to start? Watch this demo video and contact us to help you set up Teams and benefit from Microsoft discounts, grants, and training programs for nonprofits.


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