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10 Tips to Collaborate for Remote and Onsite Work

Run your nonprofit to the next level of productive, mission-driven success

As your nonprofit works toward fulfilling its mission and achieving challenging goals, you also want to develop relationships and stay closely connected with donors, supporters, volunteers, external partners, and staff anywhere in the world. By adopting Microsoft Teams, you can use a single, highly usable software tool to have productive, enjoyable conversations and meetings with your communities, while taking advantage of extremely reliable and secure cloud technology.

Read “10 tips to collaborate for remote and onsite work” and see how you could transform your organization’s working culture with Microsoft Teams. Some highlights of what’s covered in the e-book:

  • Run more participatory, exciting, and inclusive meetings
  • Enable creative, real-time collaborations, and file sharing
  • Host inspiring events and conferences for large numbers of participants around the globe
  • Boost the morale and well-being of team members and collaborators
  • Save time and drive mission progress by simplifying everyday tasks
  • Offer people a way to connect and collaborate on their preferred devices

Microsoft offers nonprofits a variety of licensing discounts, grants, training programs, and best-practice guidance in addition to Teams and the other Microsoft 365 solutions. Contact us today for assistance. We’ll help you get started working with Teams and accelerating the progress toward accomplishing your mission.


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